…launches this week in Hobart. Togatus posted a typically Walshian communication describing the festival, as follows:

“Woody Allen once said, ‘We should all be careful to confine our opinions to matters of which we are completely ignorant.’ Well he didn’t actually. I made that up. I’m thinking to myself, who am I to not follow Woody’s advice, even if he didn’t give it? Had Woody said what I said he said, he would have been following his own advice. He is, after all, ignorant of ignorance. I am, however, a Zen master of not knowing. That’s why I built a museum. I didn’t know it was hard. Actually it wasn’t. I didn’t know anything about art either. But I learned a bit. Now I know what I don’t know. Ignorance comes in many guises. Of these, the unknown unknowns remain mostly unknown to me. I don’t know much about music either. I don’t know what I don’t know. But Brian and his musical mates know what they don’t know and they want to know it. Hopefully, while they learn it, they’ll teach it to me. And you.”

— David Walsh

We just bought festival passes, so see you at MONA FOMA 2012.

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