MOFO: Gabriella Smart, Tuba Skinny and eMDee

Tuba Skinny
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The entire MONA FOMA 2012 (MOFO) program PDF is here – we’re using the iOS app and the PDF program on our iPads.

MOFO began for us with the Gabriella Smart afternoon workshop on the John Cage prepared piano Sonatas and Interludes on Thursday afternoon at the amazing Baha’I Centre auditorium. Gabriella is doing two candlelit midnight performances Friday and Saturday.

The Friday opening street party was launched by ‘high tech didgeridoo meets drum’ eMDee.

Then we had a far-too-short taste of the remarkable New Orleans sextet Tuba Skinny before we cycled home with the last of the sunlight. You can buy the latest Tuba Skinny release ‘Garbage Man’ via direct download here.

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