MOFO: Nick Tsiavos, Liminal

Well, MONA FOMA 2012 is just getting started, but today gave us goosebumps. Composer Nick Tsiavos performed Nick’s Liminal at St. Mary’s Cathedral. We and a couple hundred other lucky concert attendees were completely entranced. We were positioned front-row center, sandwiched between the ABC mikes and recording gear.

You could hear a pin drop in the cathedral until the standing ovation. 

The Liminal album can be purchased on iTunes at “Nick Tsiavos Liminal“, performed by the same stars that we enjoyed today:

  • Nick Tsiavos – contrabass, composer
  • Deborah Kayser – soprano
  • Adam Simmons – saxophones, wind instruments
  • Peter Neville – percussion
  • Eugene Ughetti – percussion

ABC Radio National recorded today’s performance of Liminal, so keep an eye on ABC Classic FM for a reprise of today’s concert.

For another perspective on Nick’s music, visit the Jouissance website for the previous album. The site features quality audio samples so you can “try before you buy” the album on iTunes. Performers Kayser, Neville and Tsiavos intersect the Liminal group artists. From the album blurb:

Jouissance was formed to explore the dialogues between ancient chant and contemporary culture. The musicians share a fascination with the mysticism, sensuality and rapture found in the works of Hildegard of Bingen , Peter Abelard and the Byzantine Rite .

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