MOFO: The Big Paella, Gilmour Ensemble

Today 19 January at MOFO began with The Big Paella cooking demo. Like our first experience with Moorilla cooking instruction, today’s session was taught by Vince Trim {that’s Vince on the right. On the left is The Source executive chef Phillipe Leban. Vince runs the Moorilla functions, wine bar and café}. In addition to top-drawer cooking expertise, Vince is an engaging and very effective coach. And yes, Vince’s Paella is every bit up to the Paella we enjoyed during our two November weeks in Barcelona. For good reason, The Source is a big deal in Australian cuisine – reviewed here.

For us the big musical winner today was the Gilmour Ensemble

{with composer Russell Gilmour on the left} – a Hobart post-classical quartet comprised of cello, violin, woodwinds, and xylophone. Surprisingly, the Gilmour Ensemble plays only the compositions of Russell Gilmour (Hobart Conservatory of Music). We just loaded up on their music at iTunes – do check it out.

ABC Classic FM says “Tasmania’s premiere new music ensemble”. That’s true. PS If you have time to only try one track we would recommend “Pink Chesterfield #2” from their first album Seven Things I’ll Do Tomorrow.

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