Russell Coutts on AC72 short courses

In case you are wondering how the America’s Cup is going to fit the AC72 cats into San Francisco Bay, here is a 16 Jan 2012 Daily Sail interview with Russell Coutts:

(…) “You have to recognize that these 72s, they are probably only going to be on a tack or a jibe for two and a half minutes, maybe three, so it is not like the old format where you had boats straight lining for 10 or 15 minutes. And maneuvering will be critical because if the boat is doing 35 knots and you slow down to say 15 knots in a jibe, obviously you had better make sure it is a good jibe because [if not] the other boat will be gaining a lot on you very fast.”

A 2.5 minute leg at 35kn is about 1.5nm or 1.73 miles or 2.8km. Roughly the distance from the SF city front to Treasure Island. The pictured course layout above is not from an official source – but it does give you an idea of how the bay could be utilized for racing that is highly visible from land viewing points.

More on America’s Cup San Francisco.

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