AC34: Paul Cayard “and you have a fight on your hands”

Has the investment in the World Series been worthwhile? The events are very useful for promoting the America’s Cup. The teams need a road show – what’s the road to the America’s Cup? Where are the teams? What’s the visibility? How do they get the sponsors? So, having a circuit that’s identified that the teams and sponsors can count on and that the public can watch on the internet, on TV or in person, all that is part of building the fan base and creating a bigger value in 2013.

(…) the concept of a road show to help all the teams and the event build value and get fans and sponsors therefore interested again in the America’s Cup is necessary. I think they’ve been top-shelf events, from the hospitality to the event side with lots of activities at night. It’s a lot more than just the racing. The television product is very enhanced over anything we’ve ever seen before. The races are shorter and the 25-30 minute format is great. Exactly what detail and level of expenditure should be consumed is what is being fine tuned right now but to say we’d be better off without it at all is not true.

Very interesting commentary by Paul Cayard:

As CEO of a Swedish America’s Cup team that’s currently based in Valencia, Spain, because that’s where its critical mass of designers live along with primary designer Juan K., Paul Cayard, CEO Artemis Racing (SWE) isn’t spending too much time on his home shores of San Francisco Bay. He cites having a team scattered around the world as just one challenge of the next America’s Cup, but probably less so than the ultimate challenge – racing AC72s on San Francisco Bay:

“It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the handle-ability of this seriously over-powered boat which is under-crewed on an extremely short course in the windiest venue in the world – you multiply all that together and you have a fight on your hands.”

I love Cayard interviews — Paul doesn’t hold much back. He says what he likes and doesn’t like about AC34. Read the whole thing.

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