October 2012: Breaching humpback whales

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With Fred & Margaret aboard we identified a narrow window of opportunity to scoot down to Ile des Pins on Monday October 8. As typical the wind was on the nose 13 to 18 kn, so we decided to motor on starboard engine for a bit to see how the weather developed after sunrise. By around 0900 AM the wind had died to 5 kn on the nose. And so it stayed the rest of the day until we anchored in Kuto Bay, Ile des Pins around 1330 in the afternoon.

A lovely day for a slow trip south — no bashing into head seas, and very little salt water on the foredeck. Then excitement broke out on ADAGIO as the engine was stopped, while Dorothy hailed “Whales breaching dead ahead!”. Steve grabbed the Canon SLR and 300mm longest lens, crossing fingers to see another breach. It was a lucky day – two more breaches were captured on “film”.

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