Dolphins in Paradise Bay

Click the thumbnail for the dolphin pics

At Oh seven hundred hours, from his pillow, Steve heard the exhalations of a pod of dolphins as they swam under ADAGIO. It was a call to cameras in hand and wind breakers over pajamas.

We were all on deck in the cold wind photographing the feeding behaviours of a pod of bottlenose dolphins in Paradise Bay, Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands, New Zealand.  At first they were between ADAGIO and the shore, with Australasian gannets diving from the skies above.  One happy dolphin would occasionally toss a fish up into the air.  Others came alongside the boat to say hello, with eyes meeting ours and nice portraits being taken.  After an hour’s time we were still taking photos and were near hypothermia in the cold wind.  From inside ADAGIO we continued to watch the dolphin antics through the wrap around windows in our saloon, until 0900 hours when they flipped their tails goodbye and departed for the adjacent bay.

By 1000 hours, Steve had loaded nearly 1000 photos onto the computer and had narrowed the pick photos down to fewer than 500.  Time to weed them to a smaller number.  The lighting was not great, but the subject matter was.  Wish you were here.

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