ADAGIO’s Refit after 15 Years of Cruising

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While we were visiting California, our boat builder and team had been busy removing all the deck hardware and spars from ADAGIO, in preparation for her repaint. We had already wrapped mattresses in cling wrap, and stored many items off the boat in a rental shed. Soon we were working in the boat yard every day. There was much to be done, and we enjoyed the company of our boatbuilders.

After the paint was dry, in early February, the hardware was piece by piece reinstalled onto the decks. We had our fingers crossed that all systems would be operational, as they had been before being removed.

We replaced the bolt rope track slugs for our mainsail, and doubled the original number of slugs in the area of the track where the slugs had pulled out in 2012 as we sailed from New Caledonia to New Zealand. According to our navigation log, on 7 November, we had been beating with first reefed mainsail into 5 m seas when the wind piped up from 20 kts to 30+ kts and we reefed down to the third reef. We did not notice the damage to the slugs until we were berthed in port.

One of the issues under discussion was the finish for the new rear bulkhead windows and restored door. We followed Steve Eichler’s recommendations and are very pleased with the results. Other aesthetic and practical decisions had to be made, including the position of the ADAGIO graphics on the topsides, the color of the boot stripe, and the color of the non-skid paint on the decks and aft steps. We are pleased with all the decisions we made.

The newly painted topsides were mirror-shiny, as we had requested a final proofing coat be applied. The painters had done a beautiful job, Then the anti-foul paint was applied to the bottom of the hulls.

Never a dull moment, as, in early March, Cyclone Pam passed along the east coast of New Zealand, bringing high winds, heavy rain and flooding. No worries where we were living in Onerahi, and where ADAGO was in the shed in the boat yard. Unfortunately, the islands of Vanuatu were devastated.

By April, the mast and boom were on supports alongside ADAGIO, so that we could easily access the internal wiring, the mast track, run the halyards, etc. Steve greased the props, before the painters applied Prop-Speed anti-foul. I continued to polish and grease the rigging screws and tangs. It was time to reinstall the running rigging and to continue cleaning. Lots of cleaning.

As our team was completing the reassembly of the mast, we once again had to juggle our schedules around yet another loooong weekend that New Zealanders are so fond of. Our rigger reserved a crane to hire. We re-stepped the mast on Tuesday, 23 April, and launched ADAGIO the following Friday. The ANZAC Day holiday weekend began on Saturday, 25 April. Fortunately, the kind people at Town Basin Marina found a berth for us, where we could continue the refit tasks that did not require a boat yard.

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