Isle of Pines

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We made two trips to Isle of Pines this year, and had fun taking panorama pictures of the beautiful scenery with our iPhones. The Bugny forest along the shore of Kanumera Bay is unique in the world, and rare in New Caledonia. It is a challenge to photograph, but Steve tackled it in the early mornings during several of his bicycle rides. The views from ADAGIO’s anchorage were also due for some pano shots, as well as the view of ADAGIO from the shore of Kuto Bay.

Our friendship with Cleo and Albert and Brigitte and Tony, long-time residents of Isle of Pines, continues to prosper. They are a special source of information for us about the island and surrounding area. Their cordiality and hospitality make IDP one of our favorite cruising locations in all the Pacific Ocean. Albert continues to design and hand paint beautiful tropical clothing, with local scenes and iconography, for sale at the Boutique. Cleo shares with us her writing activities. Tony and Brigitte have begun making silver jewelery, to add to the items that they sell from their boutique.

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