ADAGIO’s 2015 Year-end Newsletter

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We hope your year has been as full of friends, family, good food, adventures, good fun, sunsets and lovely scenery as ours has. Our earlier dispatches describe and illustrate our 2015, including ADAGIO’s 15 year refit, visits from friends and family, and our passages between New Zealand to New Caledonia.

During all of our adventures, our family in California were having their own. Our grandson David graduated from high school and entered Bard College in New York. He took along his cello to continue playing beautiful music. Granddaughter Sarah, who is now a freshman in high school, continued to excel in horse jumping and dressage. She earned money to buy a Monofin and has aroused the interest of swimming coaches to help her develop her technique. Her new business of animal minding is going gangbusters in her neighborhood.

How fortunate we are to have such a fine life, wonderful family and friends, good health and our lovely ADAGIO. May the New Year bring you your favorite things, places, friends, family and experiences.

Dorothy and Steve

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