Tall Ships Race 2016

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The Tall Ships Race in Russell, NZ is an annual event, sponsored by the Russell Boating Club, attracting yachts of all types and sizes. This year we were charmed by the collection of Junk Rig yachts that joined the fleet. From our anchorage in Matauwhi Bay, we photographed Junks of several styles, as they set their sails in preparation for the race. Our friend from the Ocean Cruising Club, David Tyler, was quite disappointed that his Junk TYSTIE would not be entering the race this year due to a broken mast. When I asked David if I could include the name of his Junk association, he wrote back:

“By all means, you might get some of your readers to see the light and follow the One True Path! We’re members of the Junk Rig Association – http://www.junkrigassociation.org – and we hold “junkets” whenever we feel like getting together, but the Russell event seems to have become an annual fixture.”

We included a photo of TYSTIE that we took in Canada, to thank David for his help.

The race was plagued with light winds, so a short course was sailed. We had good views, enjoying lunch and a waterside table at The Gables, a favorite Russell restaurant. In the evening the Russell Boating Club put on a Hangi, a pit-cooked feast in the Polynesian tradition. It was a grand day out.


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