MOFO: Nick Tsiavos, Liminal

Well, MONA FOMA 2012 is just getting started, but today gave us goosebumps. Composer Nick Tsiavos performed Nick’s Liminal at St. Mary’s Cathedral. We and a couple hundred other lucky concert attendees were completely entranced. We were positioned front-row center, sandwiched between the ABC mikes and recording gear.

You could hear a pin drop in the cathedral until the standing ovation. 

The Liminal album can be purchased on iTunes at “Nick Tsiavos Liminal“, performed by the same stars that we enjoyed today:

  • Nick Tsiavos – contrabass, composer
  • Deborah Kayser – soprano
  • Adam Simmons – saxophones, wind instruments
  • Peter Neville – percussion
  • Eugene Ughetti – percussion

ABC Radio National recorded today’s performance of Liminal, so keep an eye on ABC Classic FM for a reprise of today’s concert.

For another perspective on Nick’s music, visit the Jouissance website for the previous album. The site features quality audio samples so you can “try before you buy” the album on iTunes. Performers Kayser, Neville and Tsiavos intersect the Liminal group artists. From the album blurb:

Jouissance was formed to explore the dialogues between ancient chant and contemporary culture. The musicians share a fascination with the mysticism, sensuality and rapture found in the works of Hildegard of Bingen , Peter Abelard and the Byzantine Rite .

MOFO: Gabriella Smart, Tuba Skinny and eMDee

Tuba Skinny
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The entire MONA FOMA 2012 (MOFO) program PDF is here – we’re using the iOS app and the PDF program on our iPads.

MOFO began for us with the Gabriella Smart afternoon workshop on the John Cage prepared piano Sonatas and Interludes on Thursday afternoon at the amazing Baha’I Centre auditorium. Gabriella is doing two candlelit midnight performances Friday and Saturday.

The Friday opening street party was launched by ‘high tech didgeridoo meets drum’ eMDee.

Then we had a far-too-short taste of the remarkable New Orleans sextet Tuba Skinny before we cycled home with the last of the sunlight. You can buy the latest Tuba Skinny release ‘Garbage Man’ via direct download here.


…launches this week in Hobart. Togatus posted a typically Walshian communication describing the festival, as follows:

“Woody Allen once said, ‘We should all be careful to confine our opinions to matters of which we are completely ignorant.’ Well he didn’t actually. I made that up. I’m thinking to myself, who am I to not follow Woody’s advice, even if he didn’t give it? Had Woody said what I said he said, he would have been following his own advice. He is, after all, ignorant of ignorance. I am, however, a Zen master of not knowing. That’s why I built a museum. I didn’t know it was hard. Actually it wasn’t. I didn’t know anything about art either. But I learned a bit. Now I know what I don’t know. Ignorance comes in many guises. Of these, the unknown unknowns remain mostly unknown to me. I don’t know much about music either. I don’t know what I don’t know. But Brian and his musical mates know what they don’t know and they want to know it. Hopefully, while they learn it, they’ll teach it to me. And you.”

— David Walsh

We just bought festival passes, so see you at MONA FOMA 2012.