2009 Holiday Newsletter

Looking south from Cloudy Bay Tasmania — Click image for the full size photo
Cloudy Bay, looking towards West Cloudy Head — Click image for the full size photo

Dorothy and Steve are back in summery New Zealand — five and one-half years and two Pacific crossings since we last sailed out of the Bay of Islands on June 7, 2004 — bound for Tahiti, Hawaii and Alaska. We are kicking up our heels to be sharing anchorages again with dear Bay of Islands friends like Jane and Shelly on MAGIC DRAGON and David and Susan on IMAGINE. So many more friends to catch up with — we’ve just anchored in Pomare Bay in front of our former home on Te Wahapu, hoping to visit with Jeremy and Diana Pope and Matt and Carol Harvey before we shift over to Opua to collect the Weindorf family for our 2009 Christmas adventure. So, what have we been up to this year?

We celebrated the 2008 holiday season with our daughter, Kim, son-in-law, Alan, and wonderful grandchildren, David (age 12) and Sarah (age 9). In January we flew to Hobart, Tasmania for their Summer Festival, many visits with friends, the Australia Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, the Australian TROPFEST film festival, the Folk Music Festival, Ten Days on the Island, and more.

March found us back in California for more fun with Kim and her family, including a long weekend in Yosemite National Park and lots of bicycling. ADAGIO needed a new bottom job, and the best place to haul her out for new bottom paint was a boat yard located in the Napa Valley. We enjoyed views of the surrounding vineyards from ADAGIO as she was perched high above the marine railway. We enjoyed some, but too few sails around San Francisco Bay — certainly one of the finest sailing venues on planet Earth.

By the end of June ADAGIO was provisioned and ready to sail for Hawaii. Fellow OCC sailor Shaun Peck (Victoria, BC) joined us on the Hawaii passage, so ADAGIO sailed once again under the Golden Gate Bridge on June 30, with our daughter and grandchildren watching us on the Exploratorium webcam.

On July 12, we arrived in Oahu, Hawaii, after a comfortable and fun passage. Shaun immediately joined a committee of volunteers in Honolulu to help out with the finish of the 2009 Transpac Race.

On July 16, ADAGIO’s population increased again when we were joined by Leo Foley, commodore of the Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania (Hobart, Tasmania), and fellow OCC sailors Penelope and George Curtis (Oxfordshire, UK). On July 23rd we found the passage weather we wanted to depart for New Caledonia. August 15th, after 23 days at sea, we arrived in New Caledonia. We seem to have partied all the way, with such good company aboard, making for short watches, assistance sailing the boat and help in the galley. We enjoyed showing our crew our favorite places in New Caledonia, even visiting our friends Cleo and Albert in the isle of Pines.

We enjoyed cruising New Caledonia through August, then in September we circumnavigated New Caledonia’s “big island”, Grande-Terre. We believe that the best way to see this country is by boat. The coastal areas are very beautiful, and the coastal towns are quite varied, as is the scenery.

On October 10, our Australian friends, Ian and Andrew, arrived to join us for the New Zealand passage. We had time to take them sailing, to practice “pulling the strings.” They were an enormous help with the pre-passage preparations, including repairs of a few bits we broke between San Francisco and Newcal. While we waited patiently for NZ passage weather we spent as much time as we could enjoying the beautiful Isle of Pines, including visits with our local friends, and with new cruising friends aboard other boats lucky enough to make it to Ile des Pins.

Halloween, October 31, we sailed out of New Caledonia, and arrived in New Zealand on November 6. Head seas were bumpy for the first couple of days, but comfortable after that. We had a week to show Ian and Andrew around the Bay of Islands, before they returned to Australia. Bay of Islands marine businesses entertained cruisers as they arrived from numerous islands in the South Pacific. We met cruisers from many different countries, and spent social hours getting to know them.

As you can tell, we are just a “box of fluffy ducks” being back in enZed, where ADAGIO was launched 9 years ago. We have begun exploring the islands of Urpukapuka, Moturua, Roberton, and the Te Pahi Islands, finding good beaches, coves, caves, hiking trails and fishing spots to show to our grandchildren when they arrive on December 23 for a 10-day visit.

Stay well and let us know how you are and where you are — and let us know if you have changed your email address!

Best wishes, Big hugs, and Best of Luck in the New Year

Dorothy and Steve

S/V ADAGIO, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Steve and Dorothy at the Pa site lookout atop Roberton Island, Bay of Islands

4. San Francisco to Hawaii

ADAGIO made landfall at Ko Olina, Hawaii at 0857 July 12th. Our GPS log shows the passage was 2208 nm and 12 days passage time (with 6 days of sloooow motorsailing on one engine). Our average daily run from San Francisco to Oahu – 186.3 nautical miles.

As we sailed past Honolulu, a “flock” of about 20 tiny, silver flying fish took off from the water and fluttered together across the waves. They were much smaller than most of the flying fish we usually see. It is the sort of wildlife sighting that occurs very quickly, and when it’s over you can’t believe that you saw it, and you are happy that you happened to be looking in the right direction when it happened.

We made landfall in excellent weather conditions, in daylight, and to a welcoming, modern marina, surrounded by civilization. We immediately began to research how to get our main sail repaired in time for our departure for Samoa.

Shaun unpacked our garden hose and thoroughly scrubbed and rinsed the salt from the decks and hardware. Then he hurried off to Honolulu where he will spend the next several days as a volunteer with the race committee, greeting the Transpac Race boats who are beginning to arrive from Los Angeles.

When I spoke to Rick Shema, our weather router, he told me that the 100 foot long super-maxi yacht named ALPHA ROMEO broke all records winning the Transpac Race this year. The owner runs the Alpha Romeo and Mazaratti dealerships in New Zealand and Australia. He knocked 25 hours off of the record set by the 80 foot yacht MORNING GLORY in 2005. ALPHA ROMEO sailed from Los Angeles to Hawaii in 5 days, 14 hours. By my calculations, the boat was maintaining a boat speed that was more than double ADAGIO’S boat speed. It must have been a heck of a ride.

Here’s a summary of our daily runs over 12 days:

Day 1 – 154 nautical miles

Day 2 – 222

Day 3 – 190

Day 4 – 157

Day 5 – 157

Day 6 – 151

Day 7 – 154

Day 8 – 205

Day 9 – 193

Day 10 – 194

Day 11 – 204

Day 12 – 227 nautical miles

Here is a sampling from the ship’s log over the last few days to the passage:

July 11 2009

0011 Shaun moved the tack of the reacher way up to windward. The boat is loving this wind and sea state. Quiet speed. 269 nm to Oahu. 30 hrs to go at this rate.

0124 There is a ship behind us that does not show up on the radar. I see its lights clearly. I woke Steve and he retuned the radar. This ship allowed us to verify that the AIS is not working – we had no way to verify 7 days with no ship traffic. We found two more ships 20 nm behind us as well.

0319 Wind veered to 80mg – head up to AWA 120

0352 Cluster of 3 rain squalls on radar at 7 oclock

0420 Squalls on our tail – wind rapidly up to 28-29kn – down to AWA 150 to cut apparent wind speed. Pilot to DWIND.

0429 Up 10 deg. Squalls have passed us to stbd – TWD backed about 20 deg – gradually over 20 minutes

0840 Prolonged squalls follwed by a calmer period.Computer fell over – now taped. One ship seen.

0913 Wind is coming back. Last 24 hrs we traveled 204 nm. 190 nm to go to Oahu, approx 23 hrs. Showers all around. Blue sky ahead also some tallish cumulus. Rain showers on the radar show a squall off our port stern 8 nm distant and heading towards us.

1004 Winds 19 to 25 kts. Boat speed 10 to 16 kts due to a small cell passing over us.

1053 Pilot is set to 125 app wind angle for the lulls; change to 135 or 145 for the puffs/squalls. Up in the lulls; down in the puffs. Sky is clearing to windward.

1507 Constant conditions moving us closer to our destination. 110 nm to go in 11 hours at this speed. ETA in Ko Olina approx 0830 Sunday. Deep blue seas sparkling in the sunshine, blue skies, pufy white clouds. No squalls; no ships.

1840 As we put the first reef in the main we noticed that the battens are poking through the sail just aft of the luff tape. It was first evident on the second batten from the bottom a few days ago, now is showing on several battens, and the second from bottom batten has almost poked through the fabric.

2347 30NM to go to Kawi channel. Picking up Molokai and Oahu on radar. Continued wind variation up and down. Occasional showers.

July 12, 2009

0029 Cruise ship coming out of the channel will pass us port to port at 5 nm away. 23 nm to Kaiwi Channel. Winds 19 to 22 kts. Boat speed 9 to 15 kts.

0053 Another boat ahead to stbd. Radar won’t track it yet. Reacher and 1st reef in main.

0215 8.66 nm to first waypoint southeast of Oahu; 1 hour. ETA 0315 to waypoint. A few lights ahead. I can see the street lights of Oahu.

0520 Passed Diamond Head 10 min ago.

0857 Arrival Ko Olina, Hawaii – reported in to US Custom CBP Officer Lavally

All the best from ADAGIO and her crew,

Dorothy, Steve and Shaun Peck


Oahu, Hawaii

Latitude 21 deg 19.736 minutes

Longitude 158 deg 07.110 minutes

3. San Francisco to Hawaii

Friday, July 10,2009

Before going off watch this afternoon, Steve put out our fishing lure. While he slept, we hooked a mahi mahi, and by the time Steve had finished his nap, Shaun and I had subdued the fish, filleted it, iced it down, and cleaned the blood from the stern steps. We won’t be having chicken for dinner tonight or tomorrow as planned.

We continue to make good progress towards Oahu. The trade winds have filled in, and the seas have come down. As I write this, we are 404 nautical miles from our destination. Winds are 18 to 22 knots and boat speed is 9 to 13 knots. We have been sailing under our large reacher most of the time plus full main or main with first reef.

Occasional showers rinse the salt water from the decks, and a full moon casts a silver pathway for us to follow.

Here are some excerpts from our navigation log:

July 7, 2009

2048 Small squall passed thru – max wind about 23-24kn but also veered to TWD 69mg or 20deg veer.

2325 One very heavy rainshower with wind to 22KN. A second squall to 21 KN without rain.

July 8, 2009

0014 Mostly cloudy with moon peeking out occasionally, rain cells here and there on the radar. We are making good time. A little bumpy. No ships on AIS. A rollicking good ride under full main and reacher. I am ready to furl the reacher if a squall comes through.

0536 In the light phases of wind cycle need to hot up the angle to 130 or 125. Then down to 140-150 when wind gets back up in the 16-20 range.

0837 Mostly moderate wind with 130 W/A but last 20 mins 20-23KN and steering 150 off wind.

1143 Wind speed has leveled off to 18 to 22 kts Boat speed is 9 to 11 kts, with surfs to 13 kts. Squalls cross our wake, and cross ahead of us, so none are threatening. Seas are more boisterous. Cumulus clouds are growing as the day goes on. Still some patches of blue, and occasional sunshine. Model shows us arriving in Oahu on July 11. But things can change to put is in on July 12. It is lovely out here on the ocean.

1403 Gybed the boat onto port – maybe the last gybe before Hawaii. at TWS 20kn we’re needing about 3-4° of rudder to offset weather helm from the main. Wind is on a backing trend – 30° over the last 2 hours.

1729 Wind variable 17-22KN. Steering angle 140. 150 with stronger wind. Batteries charged.

1847 Sea temp is 75 deg F. Beautiful sailing under fair weather cumulus and blue skies. Boat speeds 9 – 10 kts. Seas a bit confused. Full main and reacher.

2102 622nm to Diamond Head. Coming on watch I set pilot down another 5deg to 150 AWA while wind is up in the 18+ range. We are really rockin ‘n rolling close to rhumb, with a fair bit of surfing in the 12 – 14 kn range when wind gets to 19+. Sitting in cockpit reading Beth Leonard’s new edition before my watch was most pleasant, with the sounds of surfing much more fun than piloting from the nav station!

2113 Our new Garmin GPS log just turned over 3000nm. These Garmin’s only have 4 digits so we have to keep track of the 10,000s. And also the unrecorded miles when we have forgotten to reset the GPS on rollover, or when GPS has failed.

2159 MacENC shows AIS is not working. Reboot MacPro – nojoy. Reboot AIS.

July 9, 2009

0232 Wind increases every 1/2 hr or so. Boat speed up to 17.3 KN on one surf.

0334 Seas really rolly and wind speed is down so we started the port engine, furled the reacher, set the jib and hauled the boom down to prevent slatting. Hopefully the seas will settle down soon. The past 3-4 hours have been quite rambunctious. 618 nautical miles to Oahu.

0631 Beautiful nearly full moon ahead. Seas are still confused.

0830 Pilot 2 to NORM. We are rockin ‘n rolling close to rhumb again. I struck jib, set reacher and full main for about 130 AWA. Still steering compass 220 until it’s clear what AWA is doing at higher boat speeds. Wind has veered to 78T / 66 mg offering hotter angles on rhumbline.

1456 We furled the reacher and turned dead downwind to quiet the motion of the boat while Steve went into the engine room to replace a filter. Even so we continued to make 7 kts boat speed. Now with the reacher set, we are making 9 to 10 kts, depending on the wind speed. I am making bread again.

1559 Wind is up, boat speed is up, occasional surfing to 11 kts. Small rainshower ahead to port.

1925 First reef started in 22kn at 20” pilot AWA 150 (should have tried 165)- first batten was pressing hard forcing track to rotate way around to stbd. Increased boom to 24” went smoothly then. Traveler up to center, couldn’t bankwind with jib – had reacher up. To start put mainsheet on traveler winch – made it much easier to raise boom another 4″. Also engaged pawl at start so at reef mark just released furling line and tensioned luff via halyard. Shaun was disappointed because he had been having great fun surfing ADAGIO at 14 and 15 kts.

2158 Beautiful, soft sunset. The seas are down, and the wind is down, so tonight will be better for sleeping than last night.

2324 The wind has piped up, so we are moving faster towards our destination. Oahu is 467 nautical miles ahead, ETA about 55 hours at this speed. The stars overhead are spectacular!

2355 Wind trend is up a bit, continuing to veer almost to east True.

July 10, 2009

0254 Stunning cloud formations backlighted by almost full moon.

0542 Suprising swings in wind speed and direction. One rain shower. 415NM to go to Kawi channel.

0604 Boat speed steady 9 to 13 knots. Wind 17 to 24 kts. Still sailing under reacher and first reef in main. Earlier today Shaun found a black plastic ring on the stbd trampoline. Tonight Steve determined that it had fallen off of the light on the front of our mast. Cloudy skies clearing ahead.with bright moon.

0822 Rainclouds ahead to port. Miles traveled past 24 hrs is 194. Sunrise astern and on the tops of the rainclouds ahead.

1501 Wind fairly steady. Caught a approx 8 lb Mahi Mahi. Cabin temp 81F

1617 Wind has eased and boat speed is down. We received instructions from Rick Shema regarding our approach to Diamond Head and on to Ko Olina. We are studying the charts now.

1955 Set full main & reacher

2322 Some lively surges with surfs up to 15 KN. Sea state much more kindly than two nights ago. Less cross sea.

We are certainly enjoying a fast downwind ride to Hawaii. Shaun is a pleasure to have aboard. He quickly picked up the sail handling and our navigation techniques, and is carrying more than his share of the work load. He also seems to be having a good time.

We can comfortably sit in the cockpit to read or socialize while sailing. We sail with the back door open, day and night. Cooking has been a bit of a challenge today, with the motion from the seas, but not really a problem.

We can’t hear the ukeleles yet, but I think I occasionally catch a whiff of tropical flowers. A gannet circled the boat today, so that’s a sure sign of land ahead.

Here are our daily runs:

Day 1 – 154 nautical miles

Day 2 – 222

Day 3 – 190

Day 4 – 157

Day 5 – 157

Day 6 – 151

Day 7 – 154

Day 8 – 205

Day 9 – 193

Day 10 – 194

2. San Francisco to Hawaii

July 7, 2009

We have found the wind and fine sailing conditions. It’s not the fastest way to Hawaii, but one of the most comfortable and beautiful ways. At 5:30 PM when I am writing this, we are 865 nautical miles from Diamond Head, Oahu, about 5 days sailing. The sea sparkles all around us. The air is dry. The air temperature is comfortable for short sleeves and shorts and sunscreen.

The following excerpts from our navigation log were written by all three of us, Steve, Dorothy and Shaun:

0536 A quiet watch. Barometer down again. Moon now clouded over. Charging at 26.8 Volts steadily.
0805 AIS reported on a ship 225 nm to the north of us. Beautiful sunrise at 0700 astern. Blue skies with cottony long, low clouds . Undulating soft rolling seas, pink in the sunrise. A dark colored shearwater bird has been circling the boat as it fishes in the troughs of the swells — very pretty. Shearwater?s long, high aspect wings allows it to soar and turn with its wingtip just touching the surface of the sea. I took some photos of the shearwater and of the sunset. Air temperature in the cockpit is 64 deg F. A beautiful, quiet morning, as we motor towards Hawaii. Distance traveled so far is approximately 723 nautical miles. Distance traveled since 0800 yesterday morning is 157 nm. We are due north of the Moonless MOuntains McKinley Seamount.
1150 Range under power estimated at 1562nm + daytank. Alpha regulator may be failing. On my 0300 watch Link10 indicated 29.4VDC overcharge. Fiddling with throttle and stbd engine I got it to stop overcharging
1514 Steve removed Alpha regulator. Now we need to generate power from Genset only. Getting warmer 77F outside and 80 F inside.
1630 Happy US Independence Day! At the current speed we will be at sea for 8 more days. The peaceful Pacific Ocean. Soft, long swells come from astern and lift us forward. The light breeze is cooling us, as the outdoor temperature reads 75 deg F, warming up as we head south. I need to contact Pantaneus to tell them that we are at sea again. I?ll also send an email to Ko Olina Marina giving our ETA.
2045 Trying motorsailing full main + jib + reduced revs. Guess boat speed up ~0.5kn. Avg course is 15 to 25 deg south of Rick?s routing.
2056 Test no revs – engine adding roughly 3.5kn
2204 Motor sailing – full main and jib. Calm sea. Full moon at times.Warmer 69F
2337 Lighter wind again. Steering to compass course.

0016 Quiet night, with a nearly full moon off our port bow. Motorsailing in the best wind we could find. 1244 nm to Oahu. That would take 6.6 days at this speed, ETA July 11, Saturday next week.
0526 Wind light in 3-5kn range so motorsailing = balancing on razor blade. Can?t steer to AWA – unstable. Until wind increases to 8kn+, steer to TWA around 75 (AWA around 40)
0617 Found an area of rain squalls with a bit of wind – up to 12kn @ 350mg – fall off and ease sails
0631 Coming up as wind veers – don?t think this is going to last – left squalls at 0700 direction
0759 Reset course to 240. Set Reacher. Stilll need motor. Temp 69F
0953 It is good to be sailing again, albeit motorsailing under full main and reacher. Steve says that motorsailing on one engine we have sufficient diesel fuel to make it to Oahu. Sky has cleared; swell has gone down; wind ripples on the water?s surface. We are almost to our halfway point to Oahu. Forecast is for more light wind around 10 kts.
1730 Fishing line out. 75.4F outside. 78.8F in cabin.
1851 I have calculated that the half way point our log will read 2548. We are approx 86 nm to half way pt. I am baking a banana cake, and have prepared dough for tortillas for dinner and pizza dough for tomorrow.
2111 No luck trimming main to exploit wind increase and veer to 9kn – slight sea knocks wind of main every second or two
2223 15kn winds not till 7-7 0400. Set course for AP2- given we are motoring this is fastest route to the 15kn+ wind zone. D/L new GFS model, ran new routing

0228 Quiet watch. Bright moon. Great Banana cake. Connected to Winlink K6CYC on 40 Meters (7-7.3MHZ) to
1247 Daytank refill. We have traveled 29 nautical miles beyond the half way point of our passage. Steve and Shaun think there might be something caught on our stbd rudder or propeller, so this afternoon when it is warm we will stop the boat and Shaun has volunteered to go over the side to have a look and cut away anything that might be there.
1542 Motoring on stb engine now. We stopped the boat and visually checked the rudders and propellers and concluded that there is no debris caught on them. TWS has eased a bit. Cargo ship passed 14 miles in front of us but we never saw it. I am baking Boatmeal cookies. EGC message describes a tropical storm named Bianca forming off the coast of Mexico, near Acapulco. We plotted it on our storm plotting sheet and will follow its progress.
2135 We received a new routing report from Rick calling for some downwind sailing beginning tomorrow. We had dinner in the cockpit today. All hatches open to catch the breeze. Pretty red sunset surrounded by pinking fair weather cumulus clouds. Moon has risen and is peeking through the clouds to port. Gentlly swaying ADAGIO in the slight seas. Outdoor temperature 72 deg F .

0520 Quiet watch. Waiting for wind to fill in. Warm night with full moon.
0625 Full moon ahead, beaming a path across the water for ADAGIO to follow. Dawn beginning to break astern. Boat speed has increased a little.
0731 Ship TORM ROTNA will pass us at 8 nm CPA. Rain squalls astern (10 nm)and to stbd )15 nm), coming towards us, visible on the radar, 12 miles astern.
0850 Ship TORM ROTNA is now visible on both the radar and with my eyes, astern of us 9 nm. CPA 7 nm. Dark clouds and showers astern and to stbd, seem to be getting closer so we are likely to get a little rain.. A few cloudy areas visible on the radar.
1011 Wind speed up to 15-18kn for almost an hour. Now back down to 6-8kn just as I was about to set jib to weather, reacher to leeward. Rain squalls about 240mg 11nm ahead
1236 Set full main + reacher on stbd jybe – doing about 70% of target VMG target speed about 9.5, doing 7.5. Sailing 25deg north of rhumb
1559 TWS increasing, now is 17 kts. Boat speed is increasing, occasionally to 10 kts. Fair weather cumulus clouds and a blue sky.
1734 TWS is decreasing, so boat speed is down. We might have been the cause of a DISTRESS alert on our EGC satellite email broadcasts.

First LES 7-JUL-2009 08:37:04 625981 SUBJECT: **POSSIBLE VESSEL ON FIRE**

Then LES 7-JUL-2009 10:57:25 639170

Finally: Eik LES 7-JUL-2009 11:31:48 642461

ADAGIO was in that area and I had the deck lights turned on to check the set of the sails. Shaun had said that he had seen several commercial planes fly over. It’s good to know that some one is paying attention up there.

We wish you were here to see this beautiful ocean and sky.

Love and hugs,
Steve and Dorothy
Pacific Ocean
latitude 28 deg 40 min N
longitude 143 deg 59 min W

1. San Francisco to Hawaii

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello from Adagio on day 3.

We are having a fine passage. I just calculated our daily runs.

Day 1 – 154 nautical miles
Day 2 – 222 nautical miles
Day 3 – 190 nautical miles

Today we have almost no wind, and a low, smooth rolling swell, with wind ripples on the surface. We have furled the sails and are motoring on one engine. Air temperature outdoors is 71 deg F. One ship in the distance on AIS. None close enough to be seen. Rick Shema sent new route changes, putting our route more on the rhumb line to Oahu. Light winds are forecast for the next 2-1/2 days. Second loaf of bread is in the oven. We finished the first loaf at lunch today.

Our first three days at sea were a rollicking good sail. We were truly “ocean walloping”, with wind speed up to 27 knots, and boat speeds up to 16 knots. The seas were 3 – 4 meters high, but not breaking, and they just lifted ADAGIO like a feather, and then thundered under her.

I have been having this “Ahah” moment several times a day: That I am traveling to Hawaii in my own home! What a delightful concept.

Here are a few notes from our log:

6/30/09 Tuesday:
0753 Just crossed under the Golden Gate Bridge.
0946 Set full main and jib, close reaching in light stuff, steering for Rick’s waypoints north of rhumb line.
0958 Ship on our track per AIS, not on radar at 12nm scale. Redo the setup ‘adjusting tune/video’
1311 TWS decreased to 8 kts; sails were flapping. So I turned on the port engine at 1500 revs. Boat speed improved. . After about 15 minutes the wind increased to12-13 kts. Steve set the AWA on the pilot to 80, which helped the sails to fill. Our boat speed increased to 8 kts.
1404 TWS up to 13 – 15 kts. Boat speed is up to 8 to 9 kts. Sleigh ride! 3 ships approaching the GG, but nowhere near our course.
1641 Furled reacher, trimmed main, port engine on to 2500 trying to reach the windline to the west sooner
2115 So little wind that we have changed course to point directly at our waypoint. we should have more wind by morning. Several ships around, but not threatening.

07/01/09 Wednesday:
0644 Shaun and I set full main and reacher and turned off the engines.
0734 9 to 10 knots boat speed; waves washing up the windows, underwing slams. Sunshine at last!
0849 I put the first reef in the main sail, furled the reacher, and set the jib. The boat’s motion is more comfortable, and we are still hitting 9 knots from time to time. Leaking right side window over the nav station; only drips.
1320 Wind dropped. Port Engine on. Now have full main and reacher
1347 Port Engine off. Full main and jib. Ocean walloping now. A few minor hatch leaks (drips). Shaun says that this is the sailing he came for, like the ocean racing he has done in the past.
1732 We reefed main to first reef – height = 17?. Set pilot onto TWA = 165. Set jib tight to backwind the main. Traveler up to center, stablized boom with preventer
1857 Confused sea, wind waves atop swell – bumpy but fast on first reef and jib.
1949 Beam seas are really bashing the boat. We’ll try steering off 20deg and see how that rides. Set pilot response = NORMAL.
2251 Wind fairly constant 19-23KN. Boat speed up to 14 KN surfing down waves at times. Boat well under control.

07/02/09 Thursday:
0007 One reef in main and jib. Boat well under control in a large cross swell. Boat speed is 10 knots.
One reef in main; jib. Wind is still up. Boat is moving fast; fewer underwing slams than 2 hours ago..TWD steady. O ccasional speed of 13 or 14 kts, but mostly 9 to 11 kts. A ship 20 nm to our south is going to cross our bows. Need to watch it carefully. All is well.
0227 TWS 20 to 27 kts. Seas might be decreasing some what. Boat speed still 10 to 14 kts. All is quiet.. Trimble is beeping — messages received?
0316 Fast and bumpy- new Rick Shema forecast just received = OK to set CTS to 235T = 220M
0321 Steve Surfed to 16 knots.
0351 Falling off for easier ride by 10 deg to 220M
0805 Boat maintaining steady course with no sail or rudder change on this watch.
0952 Sea is now BLUE! Not much has changed over the past several hours. Seas are still moving the boat around, but the auto pilot manages to keep us on course. Still cloudy . Baro is rising now. Ride is more comfortable than it was last night. No ships on the AIS.. Several of the small port hatches are leaking slightly — drips: over nav station, in the shop, in the master shower. Shaun as had a very few tiny leaks from the hatch over the guest bed.
1231 Strike jib, set reacher – traveler up to weather about 2-ft. Main still first-reef.
1551 Shaun & Steve shook out first reef –> full main and reacher. Very little speed improvement so far.
1810 Shaun and Dorothy put the first reef in the main. Dorothy making bread.
2027 Wind is easing, beautiful sunset with beams of light rays spreading from the bases of clouds to the ocean surface. Long, soft clouds, pale blue sky. Much quieter tonight than last night. We have traveled 480 nautical miles from the GG Bridge.
2249 Finally! 1/4 waxing moon visible!

07/03/09 Friday:
0136 Wind getting lighter. Reacher tack more to windward. Steered 10 degree more to stbd.
0352 TWD is moving around. Difficulty keeping the sails full.
0818 Furl reacher which doesn’t work motorsailing light air deep angles (standing on a razor blade).
1411 Low, smooth rolling swell, with wind ripples on the surface. Air temperature outdoors is 71 deg F. One ship in the distance on AIS. None close enough to be seen. Rick Shema sent new route changes, more on the rhumb line to Oahu. Light winds forecast for the next 2-1/2 days. Second loaf of bread is in the oven. We finished the first loaf at lunch today.

We have traveled 623 nautical miles since sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. About 1400 nautical miles to go.

All is well. We are having a fun passage. The Pacific Ocean is being good to us so far. ADAGIO keeps us warm and dry, and performs beautifully — our magic carpet to Hawaii!

Love and hugs,
Steve & Dorothy
Pacific Ocean
latitude 34 deg 22 min N
longitude 133 deg 50 min W