BOI: Wanderings ashore on Purerua Peninsula

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Jane and Shelly picked us up in their dinghy after lunch and we all went ashore. We walked up the hill, along the several ponds, extravagantly landscaped in native plants. Jane and Shelly returned to their dinghy, and we continued up the hill, following the grassy pathways along the waterways. We returned to the local road and walked up the hill to find a vineyard, which was in the process of being draped with bird netting. We watched harrier hawks soaring, pukekos pecking at the grass, and groups of quail scurrying around. Paradise Shell Ducks were in the ponds and flying overhead. Grass pathways took us along the wetlands, and eventually back to our boat landing. It was a fine 3 mile walk, and we were happy for the exercise. The views of MAGIC DRAGON and ADAGIO from the hilltops were excellent.

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