3M Safety-Walk Tread: nonskid clear tape failed

For years we have enjoyed superb nonskid performance from the 3M Safety-Walk Tread. Until we tried the new 2″ clear version which we applied June 2009 before sailing back west across the Pacific from San Francisco. Just 10 weeks after painstakingly careful installation the new tape was failing – first the edges lift up, then the whole tape section peels off leaving just the adhesive. As always, click the thumbnail for the complete photo gallery.

UPDATE: by the time we made landfall in New Zealand some 90% of the new clear tape had fallen off. But the same 3M tape in grey we also applied to one hatch was still essentially perfect (also applied) in June 2009. Is this just a bad batch problem? Or is the clear version not suited to be used outdoors?

UPDATE: our adhesion problems were completely resolved by 3M New Zealand. See this March 2010 post for our experience of excellent 3M customer service.

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